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寻仙手游怎么行礼:Anshun City Plans to Introduce 749 Talents at the 7th China Guizhou Talent Expo   

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寻仙手游探索点在哪里 www.hfbce.icu   On April 27th, the 7th China Guizhou Talent Expo was held at the Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of “Promoting the Development of Human Resources and Helping Guizhou to Get Rid of Poverty”.

  As an important platform for attracting talents to Guizhou Province, the Expo will sign a cooperation agreement and hold a symposium on human resources development for poverty alleviation and cooperation between the East and the West, and produce a map for talent demand in poverty-stricken counties across the province. At the same time, the Talent Work Leading Teams of Eight Cities and prefectures in the province will sign strategic cooperation agreements with eight counterpart cities on the overall development of human resources to attract talents collaboratively. It will provides strong talent support and intellectual support for poverty alleviation and achieve xiaokang completely in the province.

  This year's Talent Expo will open the "Green Passage", adopting on-site assessment and remote review for qualified high-level talents and urgently needed talents to simplify the employing procedures and protect the employers. The measure can both ensure the employers’ autonomy and enhance the attraction of talents.

  There were 749 positions in total in Anshun, 420 job requirements for public institutions, and 329 for enterprises, including 16 doctoral positions, 96 master positions, and 637 undergraduate positions, providing 23 projects in need.

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