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寻仙手游几天开一个区:The National Tea (Green Tea) Processing Skills Competition Ended. The Anshun team won great results.   

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寻仙手游探索点在哪里 www.hfbce.icu   On April 17, 2019, the National Tea (Green Tea) Processing Skills Competition and the "Zunyi Red" Cup National Handmade Green Tea Production Skills Competition ended in Meitan County, the China Tea City. The contest was favored by tea people all over the country with more than 280 teams from Sichuan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Anhui and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and 9 cities (prefectures) in Guizhou Province. The contestants participated in the competition and Anshun team gained great results.

  In this competition, Anshun City organized the Waterfall Maofeng team, Duobei Tea team and Anshun Vocational and Technical College team to participate in the competition. At the scene, the players made curly, straight, and flat types of green tea, each competing to show their own style of tea. As the results of the competition were announced one by one, the participants of Anshun City won the first and the third prizes in making straight type tea, the second and the third prize in making the curl type tea, and the excellence prize in making the flat type tea.

  The competition lasted 3 days from April 15 to 17. The competitors joined three rounds of operational skills competition. In addition, they also joined a theoretical knowledge contest. After all the players finished making teas, the judges judged the teas from the aspects of shape, color, aroma, soup taste and taste, and decided the final ranking.

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