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寻仙手游新区吗:Anshun Coal Mine's First Quarter Revenue Achieved "a Good Start"   

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寻仙手游探索点在哪里 www.hfbce.icu   On April 17, it was learned from Anshun Coal Mine that in the first quarter of 2019, all production and operation indicators of Anshun Coal Mine exceeded the expected target and achieved “a good start”.

  Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, Anshun Coal Mine's operating income was 73.44 million yuan, completing 109% of the plan; the profit was 17.94 million yuan, completing 124% of the plan; the commercial lump coal rate was 33.26%, completing 124% of the plan; The comprehensive coal heat was 4,939 calories per gram, completing 102% of the plan.

  In 2019, Anshun Coal Mine carefully deployed the production under the guidance of the Party Construction, achieving a good start in the first quarter.in accordance with the requirements of the Guizhou Company Staff Representative Conference and the special meeting of “Opening a Good Start”,

  Since the beginning of this year, Anshun Coal Mine has vigorously promoted the internal marketization and completed the preliminary quota revision of the eight professional internal markets. It is planned to start trial calculation of the regional teams by adopting a new method in March, breaking the “big pot” salary distribution system. It fully mobilized the production enthusiasm of the various teams to strengthen the production organization and reduce the unfavorable factors. In the first quarter, Anshun Coal Mine has overcome the impact of mining over the fault and the Spring Festival holiday with careful organization and rational management, coal production completing 26% of the annual plan, exceeding the production plan in the first quarter.

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