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寻仙手游灰机刷新点:27,365 Students in Anshun City will Participate in the Senior High School Entrance Examination This year   

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寻仙手游探索点在哪里 www.hfbce.icu   On April 3, it was learned from the relevant departments of the Anshun Municipal Education Bureau that there will be 27,365 students participating in the senior high school entrance examination in 2019, among which Anshun No. 1 Senior High School plans to recruit 1080 students, and Anshun No. 2 Senior High School plans to enroll 1200.

  According to the chief of the Admission and Examination Management Center, as the senior high school entrance examination approaches, the counting of the number of candidates for the entrance examination in 2019 has been completed. There are 27,365 examinees in Anshun, including: 9,000 in Xixiu District, 2,185 in Pingba District, 5032 in Puding County, 2512 in Zhenning Autonomous County, 3347 in Guanling Autonomous County, 2917 in Ziyun Autonomous County, 1710 in the Economic Development Zone, and 662 in the Huangguoshu Tourist Zone.

  In addition, in 2019, high schools in Anshun plan to recruit 19,856 students (including quota students and special talented students), including 1,080 in Anshun No. 1 Senior High School, 1,200 in Anshun No. 2 Senior High School, 750 in Anshun Minzu High School, and 420 in the Affiliated High School of Anshun University, a total of 3,450. In addition to the above municipal high schools, the ordinary high schools in Xixiu District plan to enroll 3,170 students, 2,860 in Pingba District, 2,000 in Puding County, 1,600 in Zhenning County, 1780 in Guanling Autonomous County, 2,300 in Ziyun Autonomous County, and 2,696 in the Economic Development Zone, a total of 16,406 students.

  According to reports, the entrance examination requirements are the same this year as in previous years. Students will also be in standardized test sites. The test room is equipped with metal detectors, wireless shielding instruments, wall clocks and other equipment. At the same time, video surveillance is carried out in the whole process of the examination to achieve scientific and standardized examination management. The scope and operating procedures of the video invigilation are strictly in accordance with the requirements.

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