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寻仙手游体验服:From April 1st, Anshun Taxi Drivers Will be Revoked the Qualifications if Deduced 20 points within One Year.

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寻仙手游探索点在哪里 www.hfbce.icu   Recently, it was learned from the Conference on Strengthening the Operation and Service Quality of Taxi Drivers in Anshun Downtown Areas, the Municipal Transportation Bureau issued the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Quality and Safety Operation of Taxi Employees in the Central City. Taxi employees will be assessed in credit to further increase the management of taxis in the central city and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.


  The rules have quantified the deduction or bonus points for various types of taxis and have clarified the corresponding penalties or awards. The rules stipulate that if 20 points are deduced in a scoring cycle, the taxi driver’s qualification will be revoked and will not be eligible to apply for employment within 3 years.

  According to the Municipal Transport Bureau, the rules were widely adopted after hearing the opinions of all parties, aiming to further standardize the business behavior of taxi drivers, enhance the industry image, and establish a long-term management mechanism for the taxi market. The rules apply to practitioners engaged in both parade taxis and network taxis in the administrative area of Anshun City center, and will be officially implemented on April 1, 2019.

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